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I love programming & mathematics. I have a background in computer science. I am currently working as a Software Engineer at USC Information Science Institute in Marina del Rey, CA.

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Software Engineer - USC Information Science Institute
Sept 2022 - Present

At ISI I collaborated on the ASPIRE project within NSF’s SII-NRDZ program, advancing dynamic spectrum sharing methodologies, and facilitating community involvement via web-based ‘ASPIRE hub’.

  • Led developement of web views for The DARPA SEARCHLIGHT Dataset of Application Network Traffic using Hugo
  • Implemented separate platform for network testbed portal using React for front-end and Ory Kratos for user management. Generated 2D and 3D graphs for networks of different nodes, lanes, and interfaces by utilizing D3.js JavaScript library
Software Engineer - TeqnoDux
Apr 2021 - May 2022

I worked as a software engineer at TeqnoDux in Surat, India.

  • Led design and implementation of robust back-end services for a flooring company’s member platform leveraging Node.js and Express
  • Utilized WebSocket for real-time communication, enhancing user interactivity with seamless video, audio, and chat functionalities, resulting in a 25% increase in user engagement
  • Spearheaded efforts to optimize inventory management application by implementing microservices architecture using Docker for containerization, along with Redis for efficient caching and refactored membership payment system by integrating Stripe API for streamlined payment processing, resulting in 30% improvement in its performance
Software Developer Intern - Diversity Infotech
Apr 2020 - Aug 2020
Collaborated with a team of 4 to conduct in-depth research and analysis to identify and understand challenges faced by students with Autism. Defined APIs and developed a platform utilizing Java, Spring Boot, and Vue.js technologies within an Agile environment.


May 2022 - Dec 2023
Master of Science in Computer Science
University of Southern California


Aug 2017 - Jul 2021
Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology
Gujarat Technological University


  • Python Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Analysis and Design of Algorithm, Software Engineering, Database Management Systems, Distributed DBMS, OOP using Java, OOP with C++, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Extracurricular Activities

  • Event Coordinator for the annual Techfest 2019


Weenix Operating System
C Bitbucket
Weenix Operating System
UNIX-based monolithic kernel for a single-processor operating system. This kernel effectively supports a wide range of user space programs, developed in C. Implemented processes, threads, mutexes, VFS, V5FS, and Virtual Memory (Implemented virtual memory maps, page fault handler, anonymous and shadow objects, and systems calls such as fork(). With these, the Weenix kernel can manage user address spaces, run user-level code and service system calls).
Little Timmy’s Hide and Seek Spooktacular
C# Git Unity
Little Timmy’s Hide and Seek Spooktacular
Little Timmy’s Hide and Seek Spooktacular is a stealth-action game with an emphasis on exploration and resource management. In it, you take control of a helpless character being pursued by hostile NPCs. NPCs follow regular patrol patterns, that is, until they see you. Once they do, they become suspicious and eventually chase you down until they lose you or hurt you. You can’t fight back by yourself. You need to use a combination of environmental traps and items found throughout each level to take the enemies down. Your goal is to clear each area of hostiles.
Machine Learning Models for Time Series Forecasting
Python Tensorflow Pytorch Panda Numpy Matplotlib
Machine Learning Models for Time Series Forecasting
Developed time series forecasting model for store sales; achieved 0.39446 RMSLE, placing in the top 7% of Kaggle competition. Managed data preprocessing, enhanced feature engineering, and refined model parameters using Optuna, significantly elevating prediction precision.
Event Finder Web Application using Angular
Angular Node.js JavaScript APIs Bootstrap
Event Finder Web Application using Angular
Project involves creating a web application that leverages the Ticketmaster API for event search functionality. It features a responsive front-end built with Angular and Bootstrap, and a Node.js backend. The application allows users to search for events, view details, mark favorites, and share on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, it integrates various APIs including Spotify, Google Maps, and Geocoding for enhanced user experience.
Event Finder Android Application
Java Android Studio APIs
Event Finder Android Application
Android Application of Event Finder
Student Information Portal
PHP Laravel Ajax JavaScript SQL Bootstrap
Student Information Portal
Web application for the institute to manage student data (Attendance, Meetings attempted, Overall performance in different classes, etc.) for the institute’s course duration.

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